Thursday, February 9, 2012

Apartment Numero Uno--Anything Else I Have A Picture Of...

A good majority of the next few pictures I'm posting are from my bedroom (that was a sunroom) when it snowed.  They aren't great pictures, and I mostly took them because, at the time, I thought it was hilarious that the cats were all clumping around my window to see whatever-it-was that was falling on the outside world.

Admittedly, it still makes me giggle a little.

But I digress!  I have a few photos of my living situation outside of the living room from the first apartment, and while they aren't great, I'll post what I can.

To give you an idea of just how absolutely terrible these next few photos are going to be... These are some of the best pictures I have of Tim's room (which my room was adjacent to, connected by two little French doors).  The cat was our roommate's cat, and his name was Ragnarok.  Tim and I just referred to him as "Rags," which we thought was more fitting, don't you think?
The photo above shows you Tim's TV, his PS1, a roommate's PS2, his Robotech box set (heck yes), and the door to the bathroom.  Sexy, right?

This is a pretty excellent view of Tim's tiny little desk, and a chair that was a roommate's that we STILL somehow have.  Our cats adore it.

This is one side of our tiny kitchen, complete with a birthday cake for Darrell...

And the other side with the sink and the fridge, complete with Tim.  I had forgotten how long his hair used to be!  Awwwwwwwww.

Instead of a TV, I had a monitor hooked up to an XBox for entertainment in my room.  It had to stay right up against my bed because of the sheer size of my bedroom.  It was... cozy.  Haha.
My cat, Mister Kittens, was watching Doctor Who with me.  Silly cat.


I have to admit:  I was going to upload a bunch of photos I took from the snow day to show my bedroom off, but then I came across this video.  If you're willing to sit through 4 minutes of cat antics and my awful voice, or even if you only sit through a minute of it, this is a pretty good representation of my room, along with a glimpse of Tim's room.  Bonus:  My room wasn't cleaned! Woohoo!

So if you were wondering about the old old apartment, there it is.  Next up: a handful of photos from our last apartment.  How... exciting?

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