Thursday, March 1, 2012

(Mostly) Current: Bedroom

With the exception of the wonderful LED television that Tim got me for Christmas, these are pretty much the way our bedroom looks right now.
Sadly, this will be changing soon since we gain our lease for our new apartment on Thursday [insert Wendy's sadface here], but I'm dreaming of paint colors for our new bedroom!  So I have mixed emotions about the move.
Enough about that, though...

Oh, I also forgot that we have a very sweet quote by Owl City in the form of a poster now hanging above our bed now.  So I guess I owe myself a COUPLE of update photos, at least...

We only got those curtains halfway through living here, but I think they added something to the room that it didn't have before!
Wondering why they're hung so high?  Neat tip:  If you have a low ceiling (or very little visual appeal) in any room, you can hang your curtains closer to the ceiling to add height to the room!  It makes a HUGE difference.

Oh, and those prints to the right of the window are from a cute little autobio blog/webcomic you can check out here.  If you have the time, you should check it out!  It's pretty swell.  

This is my side of the bed, complete with a cute little rabbit jewelry holder I got from Anthropologie, all my little techno-gadgets charging, and some side-table paper bouquets I made myself.  I'm pretty proud of them.

The finale:  Tim's side table!  Those are his old glasses, right there.  Interesting fact (to me, at least... not all of us have the same sense of humor as I, I suppose):  he's had those glasses since he was in middle school!  He just kept changing the lenses out.
Oh, and that book jacket without a book inside it for it to house is really only removed so it won't get ruined.  

Anyone else take their book jackets off of large books while they're reading out of the paralyzing fear that they might ruin them if they leave them on?  Or recently make paper bouquets out of boredom?